Thoughtful, Objective Analysis to Inform the Florida Policy Debate.

Big Picture

Florida Policy Institute is an independent public policy research nonprofit dedicated to advancing policies and budgets that improve the economic mobility and quality of life for all Floridians. We do this through research, strategic outreach, coalition building, and policy advocacy.

Our goal is to be an accurate, trusted source of information for policymakers, advocates, the media, and the public at large.

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Sadaf Knight
Sadaf Knight
Chief Executive Officer
Holly Bullard
Holly Bullard
Chief Strategy & Development Officer
Anne Swerlick
Anne Swerlick
Senior Policy Analyst
Tachana Marc
Tachana Marc
Policy Analyst
Cindy Huddleston
Cindy Huddleston
Senior Policy Analyst
Sonia Lindell
Sonia Lindell
Director of Communications & Marketing
Alexis Davis
Alexis Davis
Policy Analyst

Board of Directors

Robert C. Osborne, Sr.
Brent Schillinger, MD
Vice Chair
Sherod Halliburton
Damian Thorman
Mireya Eavey
Howard Simon


To advance state policies and budgets that improve the economic mobility and quality of life for all Floridians.


Florida Policy Institute’s vision is that of a state where every Floridian has an equal opportunity to thrive; a state where everyone has equitable access to health care, education, housing and jobs with no barriers based on race or ethnicity.


In fulfilling our mission, we value the following:

  • Equity: FPI’s work is grounded in the fundamental belief that government has a role to play to help improve the lives of all the people it serves. We are deeply committed to public policies that recognize the needs of Floridians struggling to make ends meet, no matter their race, ethnicity, background, age, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability status.
  • Independence: FPI provides fact-based, nonpartisan analysis of fiscal and economic policies and their implications for all Floridians.
  • Impact: FPI values making a difference in the lives of Floridians by providing impactful policy analyses and recommendations to the state’s decision makers.
  • Integrity: FPI conducts its work with the highest level of intellectual honesty, accuracy and objectivity.
  • Inclusion and Diversity: FPI values inclusion and diversity in many forms in the work we do to bring about a just and equitable society.
  • Civic Engagement: FPI values participation from all of the state’s residents in shaping public policies that affect their lives and promoting economic prosperity for all.
  • Collaboration: FPI believes that, “We are better together,” and encourages strategic partnerships to bring about lasting solutions to the fiscal and economic issues facing the state.
  • Empowerment: FPI helps Florida residents take an active part in civic life by providing timely, understandable information on issues of concern regarding their well-being.


FPI has the following opportunities currently available:

  • Request for Proposals: Graphic Design Freelance Work. See more here.
  • Budget & Revenue Policy Analyst. See more here.


Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation

The Charles & Margery Barancik family has long believed in the power of philanthropy to shape our world and enrich the lives of all people. It was the expression of this belief that led them in 2014 to establish the Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation—a private, family foundation located in Sarasota, Florida. The Barancik Foundation creates initiatives and awards grants in Sarasota and beyond in the areas of arts and humanities, education and science, humanitarian causes, medical research, and the environment.

Ford Foundation

The Ford Foundation is an independent, nonprofit grant-making organization. For more than 80 years it has worked with courageous people on the frontlines of social change worldwide, guided by its mission to strengthen democratic values, reduce poverty and injustice, promote international cooperation, and advance human achievement. With headquarters in New York, the foundation has offices in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

The Annie E. Casey Foundation

FPI’s research was funded in part by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. We thank them for their support but acknowledge that the findings and conclusions presented in our reports are those of the author(s) alone and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Foundation. The Institute also seeks to build strong partnerships within the State of Florida, with Legislators, the media and grassroots groups throughout the state that work day in and day out advocating for the interests of low and moderate income Floridians on issues impacting their prosperity and financial security.