Florida’s future depends on the health and well-being of all children.

The policy choices we make today will lay the foundation for our children’s success as they become adults, join the state’s workforce, and build families and communities of their own. In order to make smart and impactful investments in our future, we must begin with accurate and timely data on the challenges, disparities, and opportunities facing the Sunshine State’s children and families. 

FPI is Florida’s partner in the KIDS COUNT® network, a project of the Annie E. Casey Foundation dedicated to tracking the well-being of children across the United States. We are committed to disseminating high-quality national, state, and local data to help drive policymaking and improve the lives of children, young adults, and families in the Sunshine State. Our analysis of key well-being indicators across the state, looking particularly at inequities across geographic and demographic lines, provides critical insight into the quality of life for children and families.  In addition to providing data and analysis to partners and policymakers in Florida, we also publish data on the national KIDS COUNT Data Center

Achieving a vision of shared prosperity for all Floridians begins with ensuring a bright future for our children and youth. Data-driven policymaking can mitigate the long-standing disparities in outcomes for health, education, economic security, and more. When we invest in the things that make healthy and resilient communities, all children will have the opportunity to live safe, secure, happy lives.

View the Institute's 2019 Legislative Agenda
View the Institute's 2019 Legislative Agenda
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View the Institute's 2019 Legislative Agenda