March 14, 2023

Governor’s Recommended Tax and Spending Proposals: Summary for FY 2023-24


Every year Florida policymakers, from Gov. Ron DeSantis to state legislators, unveil tax and spending policies. However, with state revenues slowing down and a potential recession looming, tax proposals must be efficient (optimize resources), effective (do what they say they are going to do), and equitable (target those who need tax reform the most). Otherwise, tax changes run the risk of exacerbating the state’s already inefficient and inequitable tax code — making it even more difficult for families, workers, and communities to make ends meet, much less thrive. Furthermore, if policymakers adopt new corporate income tax cuts, tax expenditures, sales tax holidays, and universal private school vouchers without plans to raise revenue in efficient, effective, and equitable ways, they will only make it harder to balance future budgets while maintaining the status quo.

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