April 20, 2023

14 Steps Florida Lawmaker Can Take to Raise $3.5 Billion in Revenue

Policymakers can help build more prosperous communities by prioritizing more efficient, effective, and equitable tax policies.

Raising revenue is crucial so that the state Legislature can invest in well-resourced public schools, safe and affordable housing, reliable transportation infrastructure, clean water and energy, and a robust safety net. However, in order to invest in those areas that will help families thrive, Florida lawmakers must update the tax code so that everyone contributes what they rightly owe, not just small businesses or families with low-to-moderate income.

By implementing 14 common-sense measures (see tables below), lawmakers could raise more than $3.5 billion in revenue.

The Florida Legislature could then invest these dollars in any number of ways, including:

  • Creating the Working Floridians Tax Rebate program, a state-level Earned Income Tax Credit that would put money back in the pockets of over 2 million Florida households, with an estimated average rebate of nearly $513 ($1.1 billion)

  • Increasing Florida’s Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program for the first time in roughly 3 decades ($500 million).

  • Cutting the Home and Community-Based Services waitlists for the Alzheimer’s Disease Initiative, Community Care for the Elderly, and Home Care for the Elderly in half ($360 million).

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