May 22, 2019

Medicaid expansion improves health of moms and babies, study shows [Orlando Sentinel]

Naseem Miller of the Orlando Sentinel writes:

“Medicaid coverage, especially for minority and low-income women, plays a key role in improving the health of moms and babies, according to a new report.

By looking at the difference between women’s insurance coverage and the health outcomes of moms and babies, researchers at Georgetown University Center for Children and Families show that states, such as Florida, that have not expanded Medicaid have worse maternal and infant health outcomes compared with the states that have expanded Medicaid.

In a nationwide comparison, Florida ranked in the bottom quarter in maternal and infant mortality rates in 2018, according to America’s Health Rankings. Black moms and babies in Florida continue to be more than twice as likely to die in the first year after delivery, compared with white moms.

‘It seems like Florida’s women and children are our real victims,’ said Anne Swerlick, senior health policy analyst at the Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added], hoping that the report can serve as an impetus for policymakers to consider expanding Medicaid. “’If we’re going to be a family-friendly state, one of the key things we need to do is to support families.'”


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