January 28, 2020

Reducing Barriers to Occupational Licensing for Floridians with Past Criminal Convictions

Floridians with past criminal convictions experience significant barriers when entering the workforce. Current regulations contribute to Florida’s rank as having the fifth most burdensome requirements for occupational licensing in the nation, according to the Institute for Justice.

Florida Over-Regulates Professional Licensing

  • Florida heavily regulates several occupations, such as drywall installation contractors, that are not regulated in many other states.
  • On average, Florida requires more training hours and imposes higher fees to be eligible for licensing exams, which can easily be a financial hurdle for those who have been incarcerated and have meager or no source of income.

Why Does This Matter?

Many Floridians with criminal histories are being left out of Florida’s economy. Nationally, former inmates are paid at least 40 percent less than those who were not incarcerated.

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