April 27, 2022

Proactive Revenue Campaign – Call for Letters of Interest


Through its Proactive Revenue Campaign, Florida Policy Institute (FPI) has underscored the importance of strategies to design an equitable tax code that prioritizes revenue for public services instead of austerity. Floridians need good-paying jobs, good schools, safe and affordable housing, reliable transportation infrastructure, clean water and energy, and a robust safety net. The truth is that we can raise the money to provide these services if we rewrite the rules so that everyone contributes what they rightly owe, not just small businesses or families with low to moderate incomes. 

About the Call for Letters of Interest and Criteria

FPI is accepting letters of interest from Florida-based organizations currently working to (or with plans to) elevate the importance of revenue and equitable tax policy statewide, to support and expand an ongoing initiative or emerging project from July 1, 2022, to June 2023. Florida-based organizations must be led by and/or have a staff that is majority people of color and primarily engage in grassroots organizing, advocacy, and building power with people most affected by economic and racial injustice.

Ideas for Ongoing Initiatives or New Proactive Revenue Projects 

FPI is particularly interested in organizations that can: (1) engage community members and mobilize them to push policymakers to protect the most critical parts of the state budget and raise revenue through progressive tax policy. (2) creatively advocate for progressive tax policy by, for example, giving or hosting presentations and webinars about progressive tax policy, finding legislative co-sponsors for different revenue options, co-author op-eds, and other ways to amplify the importance of revenue statewide. (3) have a new idea to ensure policymakers and Floridians understand and echo that although people portray Florida as a “low tax” state, the truth is that the state’s tax system is the third most regressive in the nation.

Details About Awards

FPI will award one to two grants worth up to $30,000, in total. 

Time Frame

Grant Award period will be from July 1, 2022, to June 2023

What to Include in LOI

To submit an LOI, please send the following (no longer than one page) information via email to Esteban Santis (santis@floridapolicy.org) with the subject line “Proactive Revenue LOI” by May 13, 2022.

1.     Name of Florida-Based Organizations 

2.     Main Contact 

3.     Description of the organization’s current proactive revenue work and/or capacity to engage in this type of work 

4.     Details about how FPI’s grant would support and expand an ongoing initiative or emerging project. 

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