March 25, 2021

Point of View: DeSantis’ anti-peaceful protest bill is bad for basic civil rights, bad for the budget [Palm Beach Post]

Tachana Joseph-Marc writes:
"Local and national advocates have denounced Gov. Ron DeSantis’ “anti-mob” bill, now known as HB 1/SB 484, for its attack on civil rights, its criminalization of peaceful protestors, and its potential to perpetuate racial disparities in Florida’s prisons. In addition to its blatant attempt to trample on civil liberties, the bill is also very bad for the state’s budget, specifically the state Department of Corrections (DOC).

The legislation would enhance sentences for existing crimes — including “committing a riot,” the sentence for which would increase from five to 15 years — while creating a series of new offenses, including “mob intimidation” and “cyber intimidation.” As a result, the bill would lead to an increase in incarceration rates and longer sentences, thus increasing both the prison population and the costs to DOC.

Tachana Joseph-Marc is a policy analyst at the non-partisan, non-profit Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added]."


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