September 21, 2022

Hanna takes statewide megaphone to blast GOP for 'diverting' tax dollars to religious schools

Douglas Soule and Ana Goñi-Lessan write:

"Leon County Schools’ superintendent Rocky Hanna on Tuesday accused state Republican lawmakers and Gov. Ron DeSantis of intentionally defunding Florida’s public schools by expanding voucher programs and school choice.

'They will not stop until every family and every student has an educational savings plan to do what they please with,' Hanna said.

His remarks came during a live-streamed press conference held by the Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added] and the Education Law Center. The two organizations jointly released a report that estimates the amount redirected from public schools for private schooling this year will reach $1.3 billion, $1 billion more than the 2019-20 school year. The money represents 10% of the $13.2 billion in state money for public schools."


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