September 26, 2022

Hanna Criticizes School Voucher Programs

Via The News Service of Florida:

"Since 2019, when Florida lawmakers created a voucher program called the Family Empowerment Scholarship Program, the 'flow of public funds to private education' has dramatically increased, according to a new report by the nonprofit Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added] and the Education Law Center. The report details an increase in money in the Florida Education Finance Program being “re-routed” from public school districts to voucher programs.

The Florida Education Finance Program, commonly known as the FEFP, is the main funding source for public schools. The funding shift went from $326 million in 2020 to an estimated $1.3 billion for the 2022-2023 school year, according to the report.

During a news conference Tuesday about the report, Leon County schools Superintendent Rocky Hanna decried the trend of expanding voucher programs."


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