August 22, 2019

Guest Column: Proposed cut in food stamps would hurt Florida’s children [Florida Times-Union]

The United States Department of Agriculture talks a good game about moving into work low-income Americans who receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program — or SNAP — benefits. But the department’s recent proposal to cut SNAP benefits would take away the food assistance of some low-income workers who already struggle to keep their heads above water.

A federal option allows some SNAP participants to earn up to 200 percent of poverty and save money without losing eligibility for assistance. Without that option families in Florida would become ineligible for SNAP when their gross income exceeds 130 percent of poverty or they accumulate savings of more than $2,250.

Not many people know it but SNAP is the unsung hero of low-income workers in the Sunshine State; more than 1.25 million Floridians who work in low-wage jobs, like cashiers and garbage collectors, rely on SNAP to feed their families.


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