January 9, 2024

Florida’s ‘upside down’ tax system has workers paying more, research finds

Nick Papantonis writes:

"ORLANDO, Fla. — Florida’s tax system was crowned the most “upside down” in the nation by researchers Tuesday as they released their latest study of each state’s tax code.

The Who Pays? study, by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, examined how fair each state’s taxes were, counting how much of a person’s income went toward paying taxes in each income bracket.

By not having an income tax, Florida’s tax system primarily relies on sales and property taxes to fund the government. That sets up what’s called a regressive tax system, where lower-income people pay more in taxes, as a percentage of their earnings, than wealthy people do.


“The Who Pays? report helps to reframe the narrative that Florida is a ‘low tax’ state,” Sadaf Knight, CEO of the Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added], said. “In fact, if you are from a family with very low income, Florida is a very ‘high tax’ state.”


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