April 20, 2022

Register Now! Webinar: "Florida's K-12 Funding: Inadequacy Breeds Inequity"

FPI is hosting a webinar on Tuesday, April 26, from 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. as part of its Pursue Equity series, a multi-year research initiative on Florida’s historically discriminatory policies, their evolution, and their impact on all Florida communities today. Sponsored by Helios Education Foundation.

Register here: bit.ly/FundingEquityFL

Education Law Center’s report on state school funding, “Making the Grade,” paints a woeful picture for the Sunshine State. Florida was one of only two states to receive an ‘F’ in all three categories: funding adequacy, funding effort, and funding equity. But how could this be? Florida’s formula for school funding is touted as one of the most equitable in the nation. The explanation lies in the large disparities in counties’ tax bases, a local funding “loophole,” and a long history of state underinvestment in Florida’s public schools.

Join Florida Policy Institute, Helios Education Foundation, Education Law Center, and Southern Poverty Law Center for a dive into the data and a discussion about how inadequate and inequitable school funding adversely impacts students.

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