Florida by the Numbers: Minimum and Living Wage Dashboard

On September 30, 2023, Florida’s minimum wage will increase to $12 for non-tipped employees. This represents year three of the six-year climb to $15 an hour that voters authorized with Amendment 2’s passage in 2020. While Amendment 2 was a historic and promising step forward, this wage does not go far enough in today’s economic climate. 

Florida Policy Institute (FPI) created the dashboard below to put $12 per hour in perspective and demonstrate the difference between a minimum wage and a living wage. Figures 1 and 2 focus on the shares of working Floridians who are currently paid less than the new $12 minimum wage and less than the $15 minimum wage the state is moving toward in 2026. Figures 3 and 4 show the gaps between the minimum wage and living wage by county and household type, including how much minimum-wage workers pay for major expenses (i.e., child care, housing). Child care and housing are two of the most relevant expenses to current economic discussions, as both have become increasingly unaffordable. (See "Methodology” for more on the data sources and inclusion criteria.)

Collectively, these visualizations underscore that far too many Floridians struggle to make ends meet at a $12 wage — even those in households with more than one person working full time. According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)’s Living Wage Calculator that FPI used for the dashboard: “The living wage is the basic income standard that, if met, draws a very fine line between...financial independence and the need to seek out public assistance or suffer consistent and severe housing and food insecurity. Considering this fact, the living wage is perhaps better defined as a minimum subsistence wage...” That is, the living wage does not account for unexpected emergencies, savings, and other typical costs that working Floridians face.

Note: If the dashboard is not loading, you can also view it by clicking here

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