February 16, 2021

Court fines help fund Florida government, but harm Floridians | Guestview [Pensacola News Journal]

Tachana Joseph-Marc writes:
"If you have ever received a citation for a driving violation or filed some paperwork at your local court office, you have contributed to Florida’s collection of court fines and fees.

In 2018, the state collected at least $755 million through criminal and traffic fines and fees, which financed state, county, and municipal governments. While many people may pay the amount due and move on, these fines and fees, and the role they play in financing our courts, adversely impact many Floridians, especially those with low income.


Tachana Joseph-Marc is a policy analyst at Florida Policy Institute, a non-profit think tank focused on statewide issues [emphasis added]."

Read more at pnj.com

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