Fast Facts: HB 49/SB 1596 Would Undo Decades of Child Labor Protections in Florida

This fact sheet was originally published on October 23, 2023. It was updated to reflect amendments to HB 49 as of January 2024.

At the start of committee weeks leading up to the 2024 legislative session, the Legislature introduced House Bill (HB) 49, “Employment and Curfew of Minors.” During the first week of session, the Senate filed its companion bill, SB 1596, “Employment of Minors.” Both bills would roll back child labor laws in numerous ways. (See Table 1.)

If passed, HB 49/SB 1596 would allow employers to schedule 16- and 17-year-old Floridians:

  • earlier in the day;
  • more than eight hours per day on a school night;
  • more than six days in a row — whether school is in session or not; and
  • without breaks.

Both bills also propose cutting home- and virtual-school students in this age group out of certain protections. Florida must not erode existing protections that strike the necessary balance between gaining work experience and having education to become economically stable in the long-term.

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