March 8, 2021

Why Expanding Medicaid Eligibility Could Help Florida Insure More People And Boost COVID-19 Vaccination Rates [WLRN]

Veronica Zaragovia writes:

"Florida is one of a dozen states that has not accepted federal funding in order to expand who qualifies for Medicaid, the program that provides health insurance for low-income Americans.

The $1.9 trillion dollar relief package signed recently by President Joe Biden offers holdout states like Florida more money for Medicaid expansion. Now it’s up to lawmakers in Tallahassee to bring a bill to the floor for discussion and vote on it.


Right now, we are part of a coalition of groups, being led by Florida Voices for Health and together with allies at Florida Policy Institute and many other organizations around the state [emphasis added], that are pushing really hard for legislators to be taking up this issue and considering all of the benefits that would accrue both to the state residents and to the state budget. These savings come from things like programs like mental health services and substance-use services that currently are being paid for exclusively by the state and which would, with Medicaid expansion, be paid for in very large part by the federal government."


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