March 10, 2023

Universal voucher heading for Florida House vote. What it means for public, private schools [Herald-Tribune]

James Call writes:

"A universal school voucher plan to use tax dollars to pay private school tuition is ready for floor debate in the Florida House.

Friday, the House Education Quality Subcommittee amended HB 1 to match the Senate companion. SB 202 is one committee stop from consideration by the full Senate.


The proposal expands eligibility for education savings accounts worth up to $8,000 to all 2.9 million K-12 students.  

  • The House assumes not all students would apply for scholarships and pegs costs at $210 million annually.  
  • The Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added] produced an estimate of $4 billion.
  • State economists are working on a cost estimate for the Senate Appropriations Committee."

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