December 6, 2019

Trump rule to end food stamp access for some 700,000 nationwide; in FL, ‘a lot of damage has already been done’ [Florida Phoenix]

Robin Bravendar of the Florida Phoenix writes:

"The Trump administration this week finalized a regulation that’s expected to knock about 700,000 people off food stamp benefits nationwide.

It’s one of three controversial policies the administration is pursuing that aim to limit eligibility for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. The administration has portrayed the effort as a push to boost self-sufficiency, but critics have labeled it a cruel attack on an important anti-hunger program.


Cindy Huddleston, a policy analyst and attorney at the Florida Policy Institute, told the administration in April that finalizing the rule would mean 'vulnerable Floridians who are unable to find jobs despite their best efforts will be cut from SNAP and lose their only means to buy groceries.' She added, 'This is a lose-lose proposition for not only struggling families, but also for charities, local communities, and the state as a whole, who will be tasked with attempting to take up the slack.'"


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