February 8, 2021

‘Tremendous fight’ looms in Florida over excluding ‘hard-to-hire’ workers from the minimum wage [Orlando Sentinel]

Caroline Glenn writes:

"Just a few months after Floridians voted to raise the state’s minimum wage, Florida lawmakers are considering a proposal that would exempt more than 2 million workers from it.

Introduced by Sen. Jeff Brandes, a Pinellas County Republican and chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, the proposal, if passed this upcoming legislative session, would place an amendment on the 2022 ballot authorizing lawmakers to create a lower 'training wage' for workers who have served time for felonies, who are under 21 and others considered 'hard-to-hire.'


'It’s been well documented how people of color, specifically Black and brown folks, are disproportionately impacted by over-incarceration,' agreed Tachana Joseph-Marc, a Florida Policy Institute analyst focused on criminal justice issues [emphasis added]. 'For example, here in Florida, Black people constitute roughly 17% of the state population; however, their representation as of 2018 was 47% in our prisons. This is just going to be another layer of that.'"


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