December 19, 2022

'This is what's happening': New report breaks down child well-being in Northwest Florida

Tanner Stewart writes:

"A new report on child well-being across Florida is showing improvements in some categories, while also highlighting disparities for children in Northwest Florida.

The Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added] has conducted this index for the last five years. It's funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, which studies ways to improve the lives of children across the nation.

The new data is made up of 16 indicators in four areas.

'We really would like a way for communities to look at how their investments in kids are paying off,' said Dr. Norin Dollard with the Florida Policy Institute. 'That's the ultimate goal.'

Dr. Dollard is in charge of organizing the Florida child well-being index. She says it's a way for communities to reflect on their policies and how they can improve.

'It's not to create competition,' she said. 'It's just intended to help people have a way to look at their data and say, 'This is what's happening.'"

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