July 25, 2022

The $7.25 federal minimum wage just turned 13 years old. This map shows the last time states raised their wages

Juliana Kaplan and Madison Hoff write:

"The $7.25 federal minimum wage just turned 13 years old on Sunday.

That means that, for over a decade, the minimum wage has stayed the same — and is at its lowest value in decades, thanks to soaring inflation.


Alexis Davis, a policy analyst at The Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added], told Insider up to approximately 646,000 Floridians would directly benefit from that hike in 2021 alone.

'These are Floridians struggling with everyday financial decisions like making rent or their mortgages, putting food on the table, and paying for childcare and medical expenses," Davis wrote in an email to Insider. "On average, these Floridians could earn $1,200 more per year with the shift to $10/hour.'"

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