December 5, 2022

Tampa janitor portrays her life and promotes positivity on TikTok

Juan Carlos Chavez writes:

"When she wakes up before dawn, Paola Andrea Gutiérrez likes to check her cleaning supplies. Everything has to be in order: a mop, a bucket, a dozen trash bags, a scrub brush, mirror cleaner.

For four years, she has been cleaning apartments, offices and public restrooms. Born in Colombia, Gutiérrez said she had trouble finding work here, partly because she cannot speak English and lacks a formal education.

But she faced another challenge: She was born without her right arm.


With more than 112,000 domestic workers in Florida, 9 in 10 are women, according to a recent study by the Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added], a local nonprofit organization. Of those, Latinas represent 46% in the cleaning and care industry. The study also found that immigrants are overrepresented in domestic work, with at least 3 in 5 workers (60%) in those jobs."


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