December 16, 2022

Survey: How well kids are cared for all 67 counties in Florida

Eric Glasser writes:

"The Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added] has released its 2022 numbers – ranking the well-being of children in the Sunshine State's 67 counties.

The well-being index ranks counties by how well kids are doing when it comes to the four major categories of economic well-being: education, health, and family and community support.

'We’re really not trying to put one county against another, but we really are saying, "Let’s take a look here,"' Senior Policy Analyst Norin Dollard said. 'Because the kids in this county aren’t getting, you know, their share. Aren’t getting the investments that they deserve.'

Dollard says the survey found Florida is improving overall in most categories.

Things are ranked the same or better statewide compared with measurements taken up to a decade ago.

'It’s really up to us as a state to help those counties make investments in their kids so the quality of their education is higher…[and] they’re getting the access to healthcare that they need,' Dollard said.


Florida Policy Institute is a nonpartisan group. Their goal, they say, is to compile this data so that state and county leaders can see where resource disparities might exist, gauge what’s working along with what’s not and make educated decisions about where to direct resources so improvements can be made.

When compared with other states, Florida is ranked No. 35.

The Florida Policy Institute says Florida has held the same rank for the past three years.

'Holding our own,' Dollard said. 'When we should be making greater progress.'"

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