March 6, 2024

Statement on Senate Passage of HB 1403

FPI released the statement below following Senate passage of HB 1403.
The last-minute 61-page amendment to HB 1403, filed yesterday, was adopted on the Senate floor after limited opportunity for review by legislators. The bill, as amended, removes the requirement that education savings account (ESA) purchases made with vouchers be limited to core curriculum areas of reading, math, social studies, and science. The legislation was originally filed to ensure greater accountability around ESA purchases, but the amendment would open the door to voucher families once again purchasing large screen TVs, kayaks, theme park tickets, and other items.

Policymakers are the stewards of taxpayer dollars, and so this eleventh-hour change to HB 1403 and the state’s failure to ensure appropriate guardrails for voucher purchases is particularly alarming.

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