Statement on FY 2024-25 State Budget

The budget includes some improvements for environmental initiatives, which are also elevated due to the Seminole Gaming Compact revenue earmarked for environmental projects.

In terms of the day-to-day reality for Floridians, the budget does not expand Medicaid, leaving hundreds of thousands in a health care coverage gap. There’s also nothing in the budget to explicitly help renters.

While the budget includes home insurance premium cuts, they are temporary, and will amount to just $75 per household, on average.

Additionally, the budget includes money for another year of toll relief, but it will only help Floridians who do a significant amount of commuting.

The budget could have included a Working Floridians Tax Rebate, a state-level Earned Income Tax Credit, rather than sales tax holidays, which surveys show most people don’t utilize.

While the governor touted that the state will pay down debt while maintaining reserves of about $17 billion, there were a lot of opportunities missed that would have made meaningful differences in working Floridians' lives.

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