August 16, 2022

Statement From Florida Policy Institute on Health Care Provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act

We are extremely disappointed that language to close the Medicaid coverage gap was left out of the Inflation Reduction Act. This leaves 2.2 million people in states that haven’t expanded Medicaid, including 425,000 Floridians, without access to affordable health care. People living in the coverage gap make too little income to qualify for marketplace subsidies but too much for highly restrictive Medicaid eligibility standards — they are the only people in America living under the federal poverty level without access to affordable coverage. In omitting a coverage gap solution, the Senate missed an opportunity to reduce health care disparities and ensure that people struggling to make ends meet can access life-saving prescriptions and medical treatment. Florida Policy Institute and our partners at Health Care for Florida will continue to advocate for Medicaid expansion and educate the public on its benefits until health care affordability becomes a reality for all Floridians.

On a positive note, the Inflation Reduction Act does extend enhanced health care subsidies that help people buy coverage. This will help protect more than 2.6 million Floridians who signed up for marketplace coverage in 2022 from massive rate hikes or coverage losses in 2023.

In 2022, when the enhanced premium subsidies were offered, more than 600,000 additional Floridians enrolled in the federal marketplace compared to 2021. Florida has the largest enrollment in the country.

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