March 11, 2022

Statement from Florida Policy Institute on FY 2022-23 Tax Package and State Budget

The absence of Senate Bill 1090’s provisions in the tax package is a win for Florida families and for those who have been calling on state leaders to reject additional corporate tax cuts. The proposal would have provided the state’s wealthiest corporations with a $3.5 billion tax break during a time when Floridians with low and moderate income are already forced to pay a greater share of their wages in state and local taxes than the richest people in this state.

As for the final budget, we are pleased to see that the conference committees adopted the Senate’s proposal to bring all state employees, plus some subcontracted providers, to a $15-per-hour wage.

Once again, the federal American Rescue Plan Act’s state recovery aid has been a lifeline, allowing lawmakers to plug budget holes and leave public services funding largely intact. However, to reiterate what we’ve been saying over the past two legislative sessions, there has been a concerning lack of transparency in how these federal dollars are being allocated. There were no committee hearings or debates concerning the chambers' proposals as to how these dollars should be spent prior to conference negotiations.

Lastly, the Florida budget cycle does not exist in a vacuum, and it would be impossible to comment on the state’s fiscal and policy landscape without mention of what has been happening outside of the budget process during the 2022 legislative session.

The harmful policy implications of the so-called 'Don’t Say Gay' bill, 'Stop WOKE' Act, and anti-immigrant legislation fly in the face of efforts to make Florida a more equitable and inclusive state. These are bad bills. State leaders should be focused instead on measures that allow every child and adult to thrive.

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