November 1, 2022

Some Florida minimum wage workers stack the coins, while others lose out

Talia Blake writes:

"Wage theft is the failure to pay workers they are rightfully owed.

[Sadaf] Knight [emphasis added] said wage theft is an issue in parts of Central Florida in jobs that tend to pay low wages. 'Before the minimum wage was passed 15% of these workers were being paid less than the state minimum wage.'

Industries like hospitality, retail and food services tend to see more cases of wage theft, according to Knight. With so many theme parks and attractions, those types of industries are prevalent in Central Florida.

'We do see a pretty high concentration in counties like Osceola County, of course,' said Knight. "But in Central Florida overall, about 42% of workers fall under these industries."

If you find yourself facing a wage theft issue, Knight said there are a few routes you can take, but it's on you to make the first move."

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