July 5, 2022

Republican states are trying to use federal covid aid to cut taxes

Tony Romm writes:

"As gas prices climbed toward record highs this May, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) secured a pause on the state’s fuel taxes — a $200 million plan he helped pay for with a pot of federal funds awarded earlier in the pandemic.

The policy was intended to save money for local drivers and state coffers alike. But it also appeared to mark a potential violation of federal law — and the latest skirmish in an escalating clash between GOP officials and the White House over how states can use generous federal stimulus dollars.


'You have to look at the opportunity cost of what else they could have done with American Rescue Plan dollars,' said Esteban Santis, a budget analyst at the Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added]."

Read more at washingtonpost.com

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