June 29, 2023

Protests planned ahead of Florida's immigration law taking effect July 1

Miguel Octavio (Associated Press) writes:

"Pastor Jose Cadena of Bradenton said his dad would share stories of the time they crossed the Rio Grande before he passed away.

His father would reminisce on the time when his arms clung to his shoulders with his siblings on inner tubes. Years later and no longer an undocumented immigrant, Cadena will participate in a march in Tallahassee on Friday, just one day before Florida's immigration legislation takes effect.

'We're a people that mean no harm to the country,' Cadena said. 'We do mostly the jobs that others don't want to do.'

The legislation dubbed by Gov. Ron DeSantis as the strongest anti-illegal immigration legislation anywhere in the country aims to crack down on businesses and establishments with undocumented workers.


The Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added] estimates the state's most labor-intensive industries could lose 10 percent of their workforce, costing the state $12.6 billion dollars in one year, CBS News reported."

Read more at wtsp.com

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