February 8, 2023

Proposed affordable housing legislation bans rent caps, reduces regulations and offers tax breaks for affordable development [Islander News]

Mitch Perry writes:

"The growing problem of a lack of affordable housing has been building for several years in Florida, but it exploded into an outright crisis in 2022, as rents on average increased in the state’s biggest metropolitan areas by 24 percent, according to rent.com.

It’s an issue that many local governments have been dealing with on a weekly basis, but there’s been relatively little help from Tallahassee, where state lawmakers had until recently repeatedly diverted money from the state’s dedicated trust fund meant to support affordable housing programs.


'Although the bill contains important provisions to incentivize and fund affordable housing moving forward, the bottom line is that Floridians are in dire need of a solution for our state’s severe affordable housing crisis now,' said Esteban Leonardo Santis, a policy analyst with the Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added]. 'This bill does little to provide relief in the immediate term to the people who are struggling to afford a place to live.'"

Read more at islandernews.com

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