April 15, 2019

On Tax Day, Florida Democrats Call for State Version of Federal Earned Income Tax Credit [Florida Phoenix]

Mitch Perry of the Florida Phoenix writes:

“A study conducted last year by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy listed Florida as the third-worst regressive state in the nation when it comes to tax fairness, behind only Washington state and Texas.

‘We have a structural imbalance in Florida’s fiscal posture, and it will only worsen as we continue to irresponsibly erase Florida’s revenue base,’ said state Rep. Anna Eskamani, a Democrat from Central Florida. ‘I’m talking about (tax) exemptions and different types of credits that the majority benefits our largest corporations in the state of Florida.’

Eskamani cited information from a 2016 report by the Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added] showing that most of the nearly $18 billion in lost state revenue came from exemptions to sales and use taxes.”


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