October 8, 2023

New development will rise to dizzying heights — and wipe out their trailer park

Clara Daly Sophia writes:

"Carol Hatchet, 61, stood outside the small office of Miami Soar Mobile Home Park on a blistering hot Saturday evening among around 100 other residents. A familiar face, former park manager Steve Carroll, stood atop a water tank and began to tell the sweaty residents a familiar story: about a new vision for their old neighborhood.

That new vision for their trailer park, bisected by Northwest 82nd Street between Miami Court and First Place, calls for a massive residential, office, retail and hotel development whose centerpiece would be a 50-story tower, far taller than anything currently nearby. It will obliterate their community, consisting of rows of small, aging, pastel-colored trailers, a longtime refuge for retirees, immigrants and families with young kids.


The burden of solving the lack of affordable housing has been placed on cities, counties and state governments, as federal funding has decreased since the late 1970s. But the impact of efforts at the state and local level has been limited.

Florida has loan financing for affordable housing developers and a trust fund, called the Sadowski Housing Trust Fund. But a large portion of the trust’s money has been reallocated in recent years, according to the Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added] a nonprofit that advocates for economic mobility."

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