June 16, 2020

More funding needed To sustain Florida Medicaid enrollment surge, advocate says [WUSF]

Daylina Miller of WUSF writes:

Unprecedented job loss due to the coronavirus means that more people across the country have enrolled in the nation's largest health care insurance safety net program.

Florida's Medicaid enrollment increased by nearly 5 percent in April and about 3 1/2 percent in May.

Anne Swerlick with the Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added] said the rising enrollment by itself isn't something to be concerned about.

'I think it shows that the Medicaid program in Florida is doing exactly what it was set up to do. And that's to be a safety net program,' she said.

'So, when times are bad economically, enrollment will expand to meet the need and when better economic times arrive, the enrollment will contract. So it’s truly a lifeline for families when the economy is down.'"


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