January 6, 2020

More Floridians Than Ever Enrolled In Marketplace Health Plans (Health News Florida)

Daylina Miller of Health News Florida writes:

"More than 1.9 million Floridians signed up for health coverage through the federal marketplace during the enrollment period that ended Dec. 17.

That's up more than 125,000 from last year and the highest number of enrollees in Florida since the marketplace began in 2014. Florida also had more enrollees than any of the 38 other states in the federal marketplace. Texas was second with 1.1 million.

Anne Swerlick, Senior Health Policy Analyst & Attorney for the Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added], said the latest enrollment numbers show that the law is more popular than ever.

'The longer it's in place, the more the word is out that this is giving people good, affordable coverage,' Swerlick said. “And all of that is at risk with this lawsuit.'"


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