March 28, 2024

Miami-Dade district's budget suffers amid voucher expansion

Sommer Brugal writes:

"As Miami-Dade County Public Schools begins its budget discussions for the 2024–25 school year, the policy impacts of the 2023 law that expanded school choice for all Florida students are finally coming into play.

Why it matters: HB 1 eliminated financial eligibility restrictions for the state's voucher program, meaning more state funds are flowing to private education and less money is available to public school districts.


Flashback: DeSantis championed HB 1 as expanding school choice to "every single student" in Florida, but critics argued it amounted to welfare for affluent families and presented long-term risks to public school funding.

  • The Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added] and the Education Law Center estimated the state's universal vouchers would cost $4 billion.
  • In Miami-Dade County, the majority of students who obtained a voucher this school year were already enrolled in private schools, the Miami Herald reported."


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