October 8, 2020

Living without health insurance: FL voters to decide on which candidates can provide affordable health care [Florida Phoenix]

Issac Morgan writes:

"'Medicaid expansion in the state has been an ongoing and troubling issue for those without insurance. Expanding the program could help uninsured Floridians needing critical health care to save their lives.

But Florida lawmakers have failed to expand the Medicaid program that provides health services for the most vulnerable population – those living in poverty and disabled residents.

'It’s been multiple [legislative] sessions that the Legislature has not even given a hearing on the bill, Anne Swerlick, senior policy analyst at the Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added], said in a phone conversation.

Sadly, I think there is a lot of ideological baggage connected with the issue. There was a study that shows people are prematurely dying because we have not expanded Medicaid.'"


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