January 30, 2023

Is Florida trying to destroy public schools in the name of parental choice? Sure looks like it | Opinion

The Miami Herald Editorial Board writes:

"Florida could soon have two separate and unequal school systems.

One would be regulated by strict state laws on curriculum, testing, student performance, school grades, safety and even on how teachers can discuss race, gender and sexual orientation.

The other gets to slide by under the motto: “The fewer regulations, the better.” Those schools don’t have to be accredited by an outside organization, teachers don’t have to be certified and curriculum requirements are lax. If those schools ignore evolution to teach creationism, it’s not the state’s business, yet taxpayers are still paying for them.


There are 382,000 students who attend private schools or are home-schooled in Florida. Currently, they do not receive any state money. If only 25% of them took advantage of the program, and those currently in it remained, the cost could reach $600 million and, as the program grows, $4 billion within the first five years, based on calculations provided to the Herald by Norín Dollard, a senior research analyst at Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added], a left-leaning think tank."

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