September 15, 2020

If passed, Amendment 2 would raise Florida's minimum wage [WESH 2]

Gail Paschall-Brown writes:

"Florida's Amendment 2, on the ballot this November, could bring a gradual increase to the state's minimum wage.

If approved, Florida's minimum wage would eventually increase to $15 per hour.


"'One in four Floridians, that's about 2 1/2 million people would see a pay raise and get closer to a living wage and then, more specifically, it would help over a million households out of poverty,' Alexis Davis said [emphasis added].

Davis is the author of a recent study by Florida Police Institute, a nonpartisan think tank.

She also said raising the wage would help close racial and gender wage gaps while boosting the economy.

'As we gradually increase that wage, people will have more expendable income and they're going to go out and spend money that's going to bring revenue back to businesses, and of course boost our state economy as we get some of that sales tax revenue as well,' Davis said."

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