August 12, 2019

How will Trump’s new 'public charge' rule affect immigrants in Florida? [Miami Herald]

Monique Madan of the Miami Herald writes:

"Green cards and visas will soon be denied to low-income immigrants who get — or will one day need — public assistance benefits like food stamps, housing vouchers, Supplemental Social Security Income and Medicaid, despite their having entered the U.S. legally, the Trump administration announced Monday.

The government’s move to redefine and expand its definition of a “public charge”— someone who is considered to be primarily dependent on the government and a financial burden to the U.S. — is one of the administration’s most aggressive strides yet to limit legal immigration.


'What the rule does is if you’re a family that’s low-income, it starts you off at a huge disadvantage,' said Anne Swerlick of the Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added]. 'It discriminates against immigrant families who are of lower income and makes it extremely difficult for people applying for green cards and various types of visas. This fundamentally changes the U.S.’s approach to immigration, making family income and potential use of health care, nutrition or housing programs a central consideration in whether or not to offer people an opportunity to make their lives in this country.'"


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