November 19, 2021

Health advocates say Biden’s health plan could benefit ‘hundreds of thousands of people in the Sunshine State’

Isaac Morgan writes:

"With the U.S. House approving a bill Friday that includes expansion of Medicaid coverage for low-income people, health care advocates are praising the provision that could help close health coverage gaps for hundreds of thousands of Floridians.

President Joe Biden’s so-called Build Back Better plan addresses Medicaid coverage gaps in non-expansion states, such as Florida, by offering Affordable Care Act premium tax credits to lower costs of coverage through 2025, as previously reported by the Florida Phoenix.


'We applaud the House for including funding to close the health care coverage gap through 2025 for people with income below the poverty level, which includes hundreds of thousands of people in the Sunshine State,' Sadaf Knight, Florida Policy Institute (FPI)’s [emphasis added] CEO, said in a written statement Friday."


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