June 3, 2022

Gov. DeSantis grabs spotlight by signing into law $109 billion state budget

Sergio Bustos writes:

"The Memorial Day holiday made for a short week, but there was no shortage of Florida political news.

Taking the spotlight, of course, was Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Late Thursday, he officially signed into law a $109.9 billion state budget after vetoing $3.1 billion in programs and projects sought by some of his fellow Republican legislators. DeSantis defended his veto sword by bashing President Joe Biden and his failure to manage the economy.


Lost in the budget signing was a revealing report by the Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added], which found that one in five of the state’s wealthiest corporations paid zero corporate income tax in 2020. It was released hours after DeSantis signed off on Florida's "Freedom First Budget," which Democratic lawmakers decried Thursday as a gift to corporations."

Read more at tallahassee.com

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