October 10, 2023

Gov. DeSantis asked again to pause Medicaid redetermination process

Christine Jordan Sexton writes:

"Health care advocacy groups continue to call on Gov. Ron DeSantis to put the brakes on Florida’s Medicaid redetermination process and to reinstate children who have been disenrolled from the health care safety net program due to procedural reasons.

DeSantis received a letter Tuesday signed by 50 organizations requesting the Governor to take a closer look at the state’s unwinding process and to streamline it to make it easier for people to reenroll in the safety net program for the poor, elderly and disabled. The advocacy groups have also called on the DeSantis administration to take advantage of increased federal flexibilities offered by the Joe Biden administration.

'So far, the state has not opted for any of the increased flexibilities offered by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that would help to reduce dis-enrollments of eligible kids and families,' said Sadaf Knight, CEO of Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added], per a prepared statement.

'We strongly urge Gov. DeSantis to implement common-sense recommendations that would preserve coverage for Florida children and adults and ensure they have access to life-saving medications.'

Read more at floridapolitics.com

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