January 28, 2023

For public education in Florida, it’s the worst of times [The Sun Sentinel]

Sun Sentinel Editorial Board writes:

"Thank a teacher. Hug a kid.

They both could surely use it, for these are truly terrible times for public education in Florida — and in Broward County.

The inevitable happened as Broward finally fired Superintendent Vickie Cartwright, bringing months of amateurish, only-in-Broward theatrics to an end.

She lasted for 11 turbulent months, and her fate probably was sealed last August when Gov. Ron DeSantis cleaned house and removed four Broward board members who were excoriated by a grand jury. Cartwright was fired, then re-hired, then given a 90-day reprieve to make improvements, and then let go for good Tuesday by mutual agreement. One critic called her a “covert narcissist” who “gaslights people.”


A liberal-leaning research group, the Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added], estimates that HB 1 would result in a $2.4 billion annual drain from public school coffers, the equivalent of about 10% of the state’s current yearly commitment to K-12 public schools.

Tally it up. A superintendent in a no-win situation, humiliated by politicians and the public on her way out the door. An assault against teacher unions. An 'anti-woke' governor banning a Black history course. And vouchers for all — even kids from wealthy families whose parents can easily afford the cost of private education — and you start to get the picture."

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