April 20, 2022

Register Now! Webinar: "Follow the Money"

Register Now! FPI Webinar: "Follow the Money: A Guide to the State of Florida’s Budget Process, Actors and Opportunities for Involvement"

April 21st, 2022 6pm - 7pm

Register here: bit.ly/FollowtheMoney22

A budget is the ultimate expression of governmental policy because it pointedly shows what the government is supporting financially and therefore, what it is actually doing with the taxpayers' money. However, deciphering the 400 plus page document that encompasses the state budget can be a challenge.  This one–hour presentation, co-hosted by FPI and the League of Women Voters of Hillsborough County, will discuss the Florida state budget process, timelines and actors, and identify opportunities for involvement and advocacy. The hour will include time for questions and comments. 


Norín Dollard, Ph.D. - Dr. Dollard is senior policy analyst whose work focuses on education budget policy, from early childhood through higher education. As KIDS COUNT director, her work focuses on ensuring policy decision makers have accurate, reliable data on child and family well-being in Florida. 

Esteban Leonardo Santis, Ph.D. - Dr. Santis is a Policy Analyst whose work centers on revenue and tax policy.  His work this legislative session included: leading the charge to find support for the Working Floridians Tax Rebate (a state-level Earned Income Tax Credit); advocating against SB 1090, a massive corporate income tax cut that would have cost taxpayers $3 billion over the next five fiscal years; and following the state budget process.

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