June 30, 2017

Florida's Seniors Not Immune To Proposed Medicaid Cuts [WUSF/Health News Florida]

Julio Ochoa, editor of Health News Florida, writes:

“With everyone age 65 and older eligible for Medicare, seniors may be the last group that comes to mind when there’s talk of Medicaid spending reductions.

But the oldest and most vulnerable in Florida could be hit hard by the Senate’s health care bill.

While Medicare pays for hospital and physician care, Medicaid helps low-income seniors with nursing home care, home-based care, eyeglasses, hearing aids and dentures.

More than half a million seniors in Florida rely on Medicaid coverage, including many in rural areas, said Anne Swerlick, an analyst with the Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added].

‘We need to keep in mind, this includes the most frail, medically complex and vulnerable residents of these areas,’ Swerlick said

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation reports that Florida would lose 34 percent, or $8 billion, of its projected federal health care funding in 2022 under the Senate’s proposal."


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