April 2, 2018

Florida's new criminal justice data effort a prelude to sentencing, corrections reform [Florida Watchdog]

John Haughey of Watchdog writes:

“Beginning July 1, Florida will become the first state to require counties to collect extensive criminal justice data and make it available in a publicly accessible database.

The data-sharing requirement is ‘the first step’ in gathering evidence to support the creation of a task force to identify ways to reform the state’s $2.4 billion courts and correctional industrial complex, Florida Policy Institute Executive Director Joseph Pennisi said [emphasis added].

‘The next step is a task force,’ he said, ‘and to legislate laws to enforce judicial reform.’

Pennisi said Florida’s new data collection law will provide accurate, measurable information necessary for a state task force to examine how criminal justice programs could be more effective, efficient and responsive if information was standardized and shared.

‘To get good policy, you need good data,’ he said.”


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