January 25, 2023

Florida Republicans push vouchers for all, but don’t say how to pay for them [Tampa Bay Times]

Jeffrey S. Solochek and Ana Ceballos write:

"Florida Republican lawmakers this year will consider offering every K-12 student thousands of dollars each year for their families to spend on education.

Parents would have access to state-funded accounts and use them to pay for private school tuition plus a wide variety of school-related expenses.

The proposal, if approved, would make the state’s school voucher program bigger than ever. But one key fact about the pitch remains elusive: Its cost.

It could total billions of dollars.

And that 'is not reasonable,' said Norín Dollard, a senior research analyst at Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added], a nonpartisan organization that focuses on quality of life issues for Floridians. The group issued a report on voucher funding in September.

About 266,000 Florida children attend private schools without using any current state scholarship or voucher, Dollard notes. All would be eligible for education savings accounts under the proposal.

In addition, approximately 150,000 children receive home schooling. HB 1 would provide accounts to as many as 10,000 of them in the first year, with more to come in following years."

Read the rest of the story at: tampabay.com

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