April 20, 2022

Florida pulls out of CDC survey on students’ drinking, drug use and suicidal thoughts

Kate Santich writes:

"On the heels of the state’s so-called ”Don’t Say Gay” law, the Florida Department of Education has quietly dropped out of a 31-year-old CDC survey of students that includes questions of mental well-being, suicidal thoughts, sexual orientation and gender identity.

Mental health advocates called the move “an incredibly dangerous precedent” and said the data produced by the survey is essential for understanding the struggles of adolescents and teens and guiding public policy.


Norín Dollard, a senior policy analyst at the nonpartisan Florida Policy Institute [emphasis added] and director of Florida KIDS COUNT, part of an annual assessment of child well-being in the United States, said Florida’s decision to withdraw from the survey 'was done in darkness, without any type of opportunity for public input.'"

Read more at orlandosentinel.com

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